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Heartworm, Flea, and Tick Preventative Medications

Heartworm, intestinal parasite, flea, and tick prevention and control is an important part of your pet’s total health and well being. The AHS and CAPC recommend year round dosing of medication to prevent and control heartworm and intestinal parasites and annual testing for all patients who are on year round prevention. If you miss a dose, have lapsed on your pet’s prevention, or stop prevention for any reason we typically recommend a heartworm test now and again in six months. You should start monthly heartworm prevention as soon as results are available. Some patients that are at higher risk for contracting intestinal parasites should have fecal examinations performed more frequently (typically every six months).

We routinely stock both Interceptor and Interceptor Plus as our heartworm and intestinal parasite preventions. If your pet has a special requirement for heartworm prevention, we can approve orders on an as needed basis. Other types of prevention may be available via written prescription based on your pet’s needs and Dr. Riffice’s recommendations. Information about each of the preventions can be found by clicking on the product images above.

We routinely stock Credelio and Frontline Gold for cats as our recommended flea and tick prevention and control products.  Talk to our staff to determine which product best fits your pet’s lifestyle.  Credelio is a once monthly chewable tablet that is readily accepted by most dogs.  Benefits of using a chewable flea and tick medication include: no messy product on coat, no concern of decreased product efficacy with frequent bathing or swimming, and no risk to cats in your household.  Vectra 3D is a once monthly medication that is striped up the back from the base of the tail to the shoulder blades. For cats we offer Frontline Gold, a topical, that is formulated to provide effective control of fleas and ticks in a safe manner for our feline friends and Credelio. Information about each of the products can be found by clicking on the product images above.

We have recently started stocking Simparica Trio. This is an all-in-one chewable Heartworm and Flea and Tick preventative. Please click on the image above for more information about this product.
If you miss a dose of heartworm prevention or find that your pet has a flea or tick problem, please call our office. Our staff can discuss the appropriate steps and recommended testing. Because of the complex life cycle of fleas and ticks, it is important to treat the pet and, for fleas, the environment at certain times. Our staff can educate you on environmental treatment, patient treatment, and testing recommendations.
Heartworm Life Cycle